Why Inbound Marketing?

As a business owner or marketer, your main goals are clear. You want people to find you on the web, like what they see, and eventually become your customer. In business terms, you want people to become visitors, convert visitors to leads, and convert leads to deals.  How can you make that happen?

Inbound Marketing is the combination of techniques that allows you to do just that.  The intersection of valuable content, social media, SEO, and prospect tracking offers companies the opportunity to react more directly to their prospects and customers’ issues, needs, wishes, or ideas.  The world is becoming more collaborative and Inbound Marketing is marketing’s response to this shift.

Inbound Marketing
The idea is to enable your customers or prospects to easily find you and help themselves to the information you provide.  They can then respond back using comments or social media and a public conversation is started, creating a network of users, sharing tips, uses, and ideas.  The more that other people talk about you, the more they can act as your promoters.

Outbound Marketing on the other hand is still relevant.  Outbound involves techniques that put your brand in front of other people. Traditional marketing, direct marketing or cold calls is the bulk of it, though some choose to include email marketing and online advertising.  There are smart ways to use these tools, especially when coupled with knowledge from Inbound processes.

Ultimately, Inbound Marketing is about becoming a resource and letting people know that you’re there.  The more you can do in this respect, the more valuable your site and the service or product you provide can become.  It is important not to underestimate the power of this type of marketing and the important role it can and should play in your marketing strategy.

That’s where we come in. We have built you a tool that can help you efficiently maximize each of these tactics into one bold online marketing strategy, furthering the reach of your brand.

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