Implementing Spectate is easy and straightforward.  Just log in to get started!

Included in your purchase of Spectate is your Spectate software instance along with a Quick Start Training session. When we say that those hours are “included”, we mean that they are indeed free of charge.  There are no hidden costs.

Our Quick Start Package will provide you with product training, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling on some initial projects.  Spectate is the only item that you’re purchasing, and Spectate is the only item for which you will pay.  We like to think, however, that many of the features in Spectate are pretty intuitive and you’ll be getting the hang of it in no time.

Our Knowledge Base is also available 24/7 for you to learn quickly on your own about Spectate’s many functions. The knowledge Base contains a number of videos and PDFs specifically created to help you get started and understand Spectate’s many features. During business hours our support team is also ready and able to assist with any start-up questions or problems you may have.

We will handle getting you up and running.