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12 Days of Blogging: Day 5 – Personas 101: A Quick Guide to Developing Marketing Personas

In the spirit of the holidays, we combed our Spectate blog to put together 12 of our best posts from 2012 in a countdown to Christmas day! Instead of candy, this advent calendar of sorts brings you savory morsels chock full of our best advice for you content marketers out there! So, on the fifth [...]

Personas 101 – A Quick Guide to developing marketing personas

Most marketing experts will tell you that in order to be able to optimize your inbound channels for your target audience, you should dedicate sufficient time and resources to creating personas. A persona, in its simplest form, is a fictitious character that embodies a segment of your target audience. The main premise is that by [...]

Location-Based Marketing: The Next Big Thing?

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed some of the reasons why local inbound marketing has gained so much popularity, and we also mentioned the power of location-based applications such as Foursquare. Location-based applications allow users with GPS-enabled mobile devices to check in at specific locations, such as concert venues, restaurants, bars, and other [...]