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Content Management + Content Marketing = Content Strategy

As websites have gone through a remarkable evolution over the past decade, so has web content management. In this white paper, we will examine how marketing and communications teams have had to adjust their strategies and what this means for the selection of content management systems and web marketing tools. This paper will address the importance of providing fresh, targeted, and engaging content and why it necessitates a content strategy.

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Agile Marketing: A Primer

While the concept of agile methodologies has traditionally been reserved for software developers in the past, more people outside of the software realm are now developing an understanding of and appreciation for agile philosophies. In this white paper, we will focus on how agile continues to shape the way modern marketers approach their strategies and campaigns. In addition, we will discuss the benefits of agile marketing and what you can do to get started.

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SEO for One, Please! Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Planning for the Time-strapped Inbound Marketer

SEO is a big tenet of Inbound Marketing, but when you’re part of a small marketing team, it can be hard to work in optimization practices to your regular repertoire of effort. I mean, there’s just so much you can do! Use this white paper as a guide to help you through the early steps of benchmarking and later, to help you regulate ongoing techniques!

We include actionable calendars with this one to help you keep yourself on track!

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Content Strategy: Considerations for Agile Marketers

Content Strategy: Considerations for Agile Marketers

Providing good content is the key to increasing your online presence. A good content strategy is necessary to keep your content on point and relevant to both your customers and your company’s overall vision.

This White Paper offers:

  • Tips for developing a content strategy
  • Features of a good strategy

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Five Steps to Email Marketing

This white paper outlines how to create successful email campaigns by following easy to implement tips, focusing on the top five questions:

  • Who? Determining your target audience
  • When? The best days and times for a campaign
  • How? Optimizing your content
  • What? Creating effective content for emails and landing pages
  • What next? Determining next steps

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Inbound Marketing Buyer’s Guide

Our Inbound Marketing Buyer’s Guide is intended to help you understand the benefits and characteristics of inbound marketing solutions, and to find out which features may be the most beneficial to you.

Find out

  • How to get started with inbound marketing
  • Which features are the most beneficial for you
  • How to develop your campaigns
  • How to assess your needs and choose your tool (or tools) wisely

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