Webinars and Videos

Spectate offers recordings of our successful Webinar Series below. Videos are available to view on-demand for your convenience on a variety of topics and features.

General Marketing Resources

A/B Testing… The Right Way
When you have a website, the web is your laboratory! Make sure you’re equipped to do A/B Testing the right way.

Agile Marketing 101
Agile Marketing is the practice of adjusting your marketing based on measurable data. See how it connects to your Inbound marketing efforts and how to integrate its methodologies.

Getting Sales Involved with Inbound Marketing
Your sales team may be your greatest asset for your Inbound Marketing. Discover ways to get them involved and enhance your inbound strategies.

Inbound Marketing Basics
Start at the beginning! Follow along as we cover the basics of inbound marketing, why it has become so important these days, and the techniques involved in getting started.

SEO for One, Please!
Search Engine Optimization is a daunting task when it’s entirely up to you or your small team to make a difference. While creating new content regularly is imperative, here’s how to make that content do the work and help you rank well in search rankings.

Spectate Features and Best Practices

Social Connectors in Spectate
Installing the connectors to social media networks can help you make your content go further and work for you. Get setup instruction and best practices here.

Callouts for Optimizing your Call-to-Action
When it comes to your website, the call-to-action can be just as important as the content on that page. Let’s face it, ultimately you want your visitors to do something once there. Get the run-down on how Callouts in Spectate help you create effective calls-to-action.

Campaigns to Manage all of your Marketing
When working in Spectate, all of your efforts are tied to a campaign, thus managing your campaigns effectively is both important and useful. Solid campaign organization makes tracking easy.

Using Forms on your Website
Forms on your website are a crucial conversion tool and the means by which your vistiors become identified. Forms make a difference for your business development and ought to feature in your online marketing.

Additional videos on Spectate features and functionality can be found in our Knowledge Base under Getting Started Videos and PDFs.

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