4 Simple Things To Keep Your Agile Marketing On Track

One of the biggest misconceptions about agile marketing is that there’s no real plan in place. However, if you do agile correctly, the opposite is the case. Not only do you have an overall plan that starts with your goals and then reverse-engineers how to reach them, but you also have smaller iterations of your [...]

9 Powerful (and free)Tools For Content Marketers

As a content marketer, you are often being asked to do as much as possible with a limited amount of resources. That’s why it’s crucial to leverage free tools that can help you make your online presence more effective. Here are some things that you might consider adding to your arsenal. Moz.com’s Open Site Explorer [...]

App Alert: Hyperlapse

Instagram just upped their video sharing game with their newest app, Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse takes video and creates a time-lapsed, shake free video that any user can share. The app itself is easy to use. First, you tap to record and tap again to stop, then you select your playback speed, save the video to your [...]

8 Small Content Marketing Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Time

The more invested you are in content marketing, the more you want to make sure that you achieve maximum results for your efforts. But sometimes, even if you spend a significant amount of time creating high caliber, relevant content, it’s the little things that can impede success. Let’s take a look at some of the [...]

6 Quick Tips To Make Your Titles More Effective

Do you ever wonder why your blog is not generating as much traffic and readership as you had hoped? One reason might be that you’re not doing enough to distribute and promote your content. But another possibility is that your titles simply aren’t effective enough to make your audience click on them when they see [...]

Feature Friday: Customized callouts based on lead data

When creating your callouts, you don’t necessarily have to do A/B testing. Instead, you can display a predefined callout based on a form that the user has filled out. For example, you may have a call to action that prompts your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. However, if someone has already signed up for [...]

Launched: Twitter Promoted Video Beta

Video advertising has become an integral part of online marketing, as businesses have been willing to invest more in video-based content marketing. Twitter recently announced that it will give brands more options to serve video on its network.  The first step will be a beta test of “Promoted Video,” which will allow marketers to upload their [...]

Rumors: iPhone6 and What We’re Excited About

There is so much talk surrounding the new iPhone, we thought we would go ahead and join in the fun. Here is the best of the best that we have heard about the newest addition to the iPhone brigade. The rumors that have us excited: September 9th is the suspected release date, which coincides with [...]

Five simple tips for writing for the web

I recently attended PSEWeb, which is a great conference for web teams at higher education institutions. Two of the most interesting sessions revolved around writing for the web. The presenters were Stephanie Lummis and Andrea Kelly. Here are some of the key takeaways. Keep it simple People read differently online. A lot of visitors will [...]

Branding Through Instagram

In terms of branding, Instagram just became the cooler younger sibling to its older brother Facebook. According to recent research shared by Ad Age, Instagram brand posts have more than double the interactions of Facebook in the second quarter of 2014. The numbers, which were pulled from Shareablee, a social media analytics firm, showed that [...]