Five goals of inbound marketing beyond increasing revenue

Even the biggest skeptics of inbound marketing can’t deny that, provided there’s a proper strategy in place, it helps businesses increase their revenue. Not only is the cost per lead lower compared to outbound marketing, but inbound marketing can also help attract a greater number of qualified leads. But the goals of inbound marketing are [...]

App News: Google Analytics for iPhone

Google has released the Google Analytics iPhone app, which makes checking your analytics data even easier! You can now access the data web dashboard straight on your iPhone. The features that are viewable include number of visits, sources, user behavior insights, and page views. Upon launch the app shows the user a real-time look at [...]

Using questions to generate content ideas

Coming up with a steady stream of fresh topics is arguably one of the biggest challenges for content marketers, so make sure that you continuously capture any ideas you have, whether it’s topics or individual talking points. One technique that you can use to generate ideas is to ask yourself a few questions on a [...]

Snapchat introduces geo-filters!

On July 15, 2014 Snapchat introduced its newest feature — geo-filters. These geo-filters allow users to add graphics and drawings that are specific to their location. In order to essentially “unlock” the filters, one must be in that particular area to use them. Places like Disneyland, the city of Brooklyn and museums like The Getty already [...]

Bloggito: Four good reasons to monitor and act on your inbound links

Inbound links, also referred to as backlinks, are one of the underdogs of analytics data. After all, when you think about analytics, some of the first things that come to mind are visitors, bounce rates, and time spent on page. Often, inbound links are neglected when it comes to tracking them and acting on them. [...]

Could Broken Links Be Breaking Your Brand?

Keeping up with the quality of your site’s internal and external links is no easy undertaking, but it’s one that can’t be avoided entirely if you want to establish the best site possible to represent your organization. Depending on the size of your organization’s site, this could mean quite a large number of links that [...]

Five things that will hurt your B2C marketing campaigns

If you are a B2C marketer, chances are that you’re heavily invested in content marketing. Now that 90% of all marketers are practicing content marketing, though, how can you differentiate yourself and beat out the competition? Creating high caliber, targeted content is hard, so make sure to avoid these simple mistakes that could significantly reduce [...]

Brands Who Know How to Catch Your Eye

Visual content, it’s one of my favorite aspects of a content marketing strategy overall. Being a visual person myself, I find organizations using Instagram, Pinterest, Vine or YouTube, to be really for great for keeping the world of content a bit more interesting. Articles and white papers are excellent, but sometimes you need a more [...]

A/B Testing Checklist For Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most common forms of communication to potential customers when it comes to marketing strategies. Marketing departments spend a portion of their time drafting what they consider to be the most effective content for these emails with the hope to convert the recipients of them into actual customers. Now as [...]

Why you should start your content audit today

If you’re serious about your content strategy, you know how important it is to perform periodic content audits of your website. A content audit consists of three parts: Running a content inventory: This part can be quite tedious if you’re doing it manually, as you’ll need to capture all of your existing collateral on a [...]