10 Marketing Trends Defining 2015

1. Content marketing goes social. It used to be that when you thought of content marketing, you thought of web content, but now social content is stealing the limelight. With more active social profiles than ever before, social media is the quickest way to get your content seen and shared by a large audience. 2. [...]

7 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

Social media is likely an integral component of your content strategy, as it serves an ideal means to promote your content. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Social channels are evolving at a rapid pace, as new apps continue to pop up and algorithms constantly change, making it necessary for marketers to frequently [...]

How Much Should You Be Tweeting?

Twitter is not an exact science. Though many businesses seem to have it all figured out, they got there by trial and error like the rest of us. They may not call it “trial and error,” but that’s essentially where we all start in order to collect the data needed to make more data-driven decisions. [...]

Best Apps for Bulk Scheduling Social Media

Social Media can be a beast. Whether you’re understaffed or trying to manage multiple content contributors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In addition to crafting the content, managing multiple channels, creating a schedule, and monitoring engagement – marketers are expected to know exactly how to do all of this in a way that achieves the [...]

5 Reasons To Use Polls And Surveys In Your Marketing

  As you know, we recently rolled out polls and surveys in Spectate. Within just a few minutes, you can create a single question poll or a more extended survey and embed it on your website. Why should you consider adding polls or surveys? Here are a few reasons. Foster engagement A quick poll is [...]

Feature Alert: Polls

We’re excited to announce a new Spectate feature: polls. You can now create simple one question polls or extensive surveys and embed them on your website. Here’s how to do it. In the left menu, expand the “Manage” tab and select “Polls & Surveys”. Click on the “+ Create Survey” link. On the “New Survey [...]

5 Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Website | iTunes John Jantsch is known for Duct Tape Marketing, which has books, a consultancy, and podcast attached to it. Their podcast is a great source of practical marketing advice geared towards small businesses. Regardless of how big your business is, we can all benefit from Duct Tape Marketing, because [...]

6 Metrics To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Content

When it comes to agile marketing, the ability to measure the success of your efforts is crucial. You can only manage what you measure, and without data, there’s no way for you to tell what works and what doesn’t. So what are some data points that can provide you with insights into the effectiveness of [...]

10 Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

#1 – Make Data-Driven Decisions You probably already have Google Analytics in place, maybe you’re also using your Spectate account, but do you really use the analytics they provide? This year, have measurable goals in place, and track your progress towards those goals – make your analytics work for you. Not only will you be [...]

Four Content Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015

As we’ve done in past years, we’d like to look back at the content marketing world in the past twelve months and predict what the future will hold in the upcoming year. Not surprisingly, Google brought us a variety of algorithm changes, including the discontinuation of Authorship, updates to Panda and Penguin, and, perhaps most [...]