How Is Spectate Different?

We get this question a lot, in fact and felt it important to lay it out for you simply:

External CMS integration at every Spectate price point.

You can use any CMS at any Spectate price point.

Unlimited Leads.

Our software is designed to help you convert as many anonymous website visitors into identified leads as possible. Why would we penalize you for doing well by charging for additional leads?  We think this model just makes more sense.

WordPress Blog Integration.

WordPress is the undisputed #1 blogging engine in the world. Thousands upon thousands of web developers support its growth and development, so it’s evident that it will stay the #1 blogging engine in the world for the foreseeable future. WordPress has also developed into a powerful web content management system, and is now one of the most widely used CMS systems in the world. Although Spectate can be used with any CMS, WordPress users can take it a step further by creating content inside Spectate and syncing it directly with their WordPress instance.  See our features page or request a demonstration if you’d like more information about how this works.

Less Focus on Channels, More Focus on Content.

You might have noticed, but there’s a popular debate around the effectiveness of inbound versus outbound marketing.  We at Spectate provide features to help you optimize for all channels because we know that regardless of the fact that one might be more effective than the another in specific circumstances, you’re going to need high quality web content to support those channels. Our platform helps you create and optimize your content to be the most effective marketing collateral, and Spectate also helps you see which channels work the best for your organization.

No Contracts.

We wouldn’t want to be locked into a year-long contract, so why would we require it for our clients? You have the option to save if you commit to us annually, but we also provide a month-to-month option.

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