Spectate is available with several levels of service and a usage-based pricing model that is affordable for any business committed to increasing the number of leads and visitors from the web through inbound marketing. A PDF version of our full feature set by Edition is also available.

For any of our Editions:

You can use any CMS.
We will never limit your Leads.
Free QuickStart Training is included.
We accept all major credit cards.






Monthly Price

$300 / month

$250/month yearly pre-pay

$600 / month

$500/month yearly pre-pay

$1,300 / month

$1,000/month yearly pre-pay

Number of Leads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users 2 20 Unlimited
Use any Website CMS
Site Traffic and Performance
Visitor and Lead Tracking
Social Media Posting and Tracking
Site-wide SEO Scoring
Customizable Tracked Links and QR Codes
Competitor Tracking 10 Competitors 25 Competitors 50 Competitors
Keywords 20 50 Unlimited
QuickStart Training included
Landing Pages Unavailable
Emails Unavailable
Editorial Calendar



For more details see our PDF version of Spectate’s full feature set.

Learn more how Spectate is different from other inbound marketing solutions out there.

Changing Plans

Simply contact your account manager and your account will be updated within one business day.

Discount for Non-Profits!

In respect for the good work that you do, we offer a 10% pricing plan discount to non-profit organizations. We understand that in the non-profit world marketing your cause well is most of the battle and a tool like Spectate can greatly enhance your handle on your progress.

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