User Experience

As you can see on our Features Page, Spectate is able to do a lot for you.  But what is it like to use?

We focus on our users’ experience and hold that as a priority focus for our business.  We recognize that a challenging interface can make or break your product for a client, so we focus on a simple, unencumbered environment in which our users can work well.


  • Clutter-free UI – with minimal “extras” on the page, we are able to give our users a streamlined interface that looks clean and natural.
  • Familiarity – Even when you are starting out with a new tool within the Application, you will already know how to use it. Our interface, buttons, and task locations are repeated throughout every module, making learning something new incredibly easy and intuitive.


  • Repeatable commands – you will notice with Spectate that the commands and functions don’t change with every tool you choose to use within the application.  This makes learning to use Spectate faster, manipulating it easier, and working on it over time more advantageous. And as well all know, learning something new is always the biggest hurdle to making the most out of it.


  • WYSIWYG Editors – You do not have to an HTML master be able to create beautiful landing pages or forms (though you can be and still use Spectate!)! Our integrated WYSIWYG editors offer you the “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” design opportunity in any of Spectate’s tools. Again, writing your own HTML is always an option and can be very helpful, especially when you want transfer forms or pages from a previously created site. Copying and Pasting past HTML is the easiest way to get Spectate up, running, and tracking your leads.


  • Centrality on Campaigns – users are able to easily assign campaigns to every piece of content that create.  With that functionality, every resultant action to that content may be tracked, measured, and optimized.  Campaigns are a valuable tool you SHOULD be taking advantage of across your business.


  • File Storage – Files may be hosted within the application so they do not have to be repeatedly uploaded for use. Once uploaded, you can also edit your files, instead of only having the option to delete and re-upload alternatives.


  • Social Posting – posts can be made social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so that as you are tracking your mentions, you can respond immediately within Spectate. Blogging can likewise be done within the application. No more going to five different sites every couple of hours to see what people are saying and to respond!



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