Online Integration

We have integrated into Spectate various tools to bring you the simplest and most comprehensive Inbound Marketing program available.

Technology Partners for SpectateSOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections are easy to setup and use in Spectate. The Facebook connector allows you to post to personal status updates or to update a company’s business page. Twitter connects to any Twitter account. LinkedIn connects to personal updates or group feeds. Clicks are tracked to your links and indication is made if any of those clicks came from active visitors or Leads identified by Spectate.

WORDPRESS: Spectate has a WordPress Plug-in that automates the insertion of our tracking code into the pages of your WordPress site. It also allows you to create pages and posts directly within Spectate. Further, offers SEO infill boxes for you to insert page descriptions, thereby optimizing your newest posts and pages for search engines. Please note, however, that ANY CMS is compatible with Spectate!

SALESFORCE: As one of today’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, SalesForce helps its users convert leads into sales. In its partnership with Spectate, the information for leads acquired and tracked by Spectate can be automatically pushed into a SalesForce account, streamlining your sales process that much more. This package is approved and available on the SalesForce AppExchange

SEMRush: We source much of our SEO data from leading SEO data engine SEMRush, ensuring that as a Spectate user you enjoy the most up-to-date and comprehensive SEO data for your content that can be offered.

FIREFOX/GMAIL: A connector for Google-backed email systems allows you to insert tracking code into emails at the touch of a button. These emails are logged into Spectate, content and all, and their opens and clicks tracked within the Application. Insert individual emails into your existing campaigns! Now you can know if that individual prospect email actually worked! Downloadable from Firefox Add-ons.
Any Suggestions? What “easy button” would you like to see? Let us know here!