Do I have to use WordPress if I want to use Spectate? 

No, you can use Spectate with any content management system. We also don’t change the price based on whether you use a particular CMS.  We do, however, provide some advanced SEO functionality for WordPress powered sites.

Do I need to install Spectate?

No. Spectate is based on a Software as a Service model, which means that you don’t have to worry about installation, upgrades, security fixes, or hardware requirements. All you need is a web browser to use Spectate.

I have Google Analytics. Can I still use it while implementing Spectate?

Yes, Spectate’s tracking code does not interfere with Google Analytics

Can I try before I buy?

You bet. You can sign up for a free two week trial, and we’ll even guide you through a personal online walkthrough to get you set up.

Do you offer monthly contracts?

Yes. Monthly contracts are available for all pricing tiers.

Does the price increase based on how many contacts you have? 

No. We feel that you shouldn’t be penalized for being successful with Spectate. You’ll get unlimited contacts for all pricing tiers.

My company has a main site and several microsites. Does this affect pricing?
Not at all. Spectate allows you to track and optimize as many sites as you want to. Note that the number of web pages doesn’t affect pricing either.

How long does it take to learn how to use Spectate?

We provide you with a free one to two hour training session that will cover everything you need to know to get off the ground.