Spectate allows you to simply understand the correlation between your marketing actions and your results, empowering you to increase your web traffic and generate more leads. Spectate harnesses every facet of online marketing and connects each facet to goal-oriented campaigns to form a robust centralized inbound marketing platform.


Centralized Campaigns

  • Associate any Spectate object with a Campaign to allow for true campaign measurement and ROI reporting

Lead Tracking and Analytics

  • Receive instant email notifications upon prospect actions such as return visits, website form submissions
  • View all prospect history including traffic source, searches, page views, form completions, downloads via an individual prospect profile
  • Identify companies visiting your website and associate anonymous visitors with those companies
  • Seamless route to lead generation research on sites like Google, LinkedIn, and Jigsaw
  • Assign sales-ready leads to a sales team member

Email Marketing and Prospect Nurturing

  • Send email blasts, build Nurture Programs (drip marketing), create form submission autoresponders
  • Create emails based on simple templates using inline editing or upload your own custom HTML templates
  • In-depth reporting of email link clicks, tie clicks to leads, and view entire visitor sessions after the click
  • Gmail plug-in allows users to send Spectate tracked emails directly from their corporate Gmail account without logging into Spectate

Social Media

  • Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously, and segment individual and aggregate visitor interaction by social source
  • Track visitor companies, anonymous individuals, and leads that click on your social posts

SEO and Keywords

  • Generate a comprehensive Website SEO report
  • Identify broken links, page load times, and your most popular pages
  • Score your individual pages and highlight areas that need improvement based on standardized SEO industry best practices
  • View current and historical snapshots of how your domain ranks for relevant keywords
  • Examine keyword densities for each of your web pages


  • Sync directly to the world’s #1 blogging engine, WordPress
  • Score your content for SEO as you create it, and publish it directly from Spectate to your WordPress instance
  • Generate a comprehensive Blog SEO report
  • Score your individual posts and highlight areas that need improvement based on standardized SEO industry best practices
  • Examine keyword densities for each of your blog posts
  • Discover the blog posts that are most popular

Website Analysis/Reporting

  • Full reporting includes 30-Day Comparison, Traffic Source reporting
  • View search terms and inbound links that are generating the most visitors and examine the conversion rates associated with each
  • Track every visitor interaction from the top of the funnel right down to the sale

CMS/CRM Integration

  • Native integration with SalesForce
  • View your prospects’ activity directly within the CRM
  • Sync Leads, Users, Campaigns, Opportunities, and Account with your CRM
  • Spectate provides free integration with any CMS at any of the price points shown on our pricing page
  • WordPress Direct Connector allows direct posting and website editing for WordPress sites from within Spectate

Forms and Landing Pages

  • Non-technical users can create and customize website forms and landing pages within seconds
  • Landing Pages use inline editing so you can view how your Landing Page looks as you edit and add details
  • Compose email autoresponders to send to prospects upon form completion
  • Receive instant email alerts with each form submission
  • Create a Progressive Profile by identifying Leads that have already filled out specific form fields and automatically presenting them with new form fields


  • Create Goals with one or multiple objectives and track your progress over time
  • Associate Goals with one or more Campaigns and track the status of your Campaigns for each objective


  • Create images, links, or customized snippets of HTML and embed them into your web pages
  • Conduct automated A/B testing by evaluating which callouts drive the most traffic