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Increase Productivity with These 7 Marketing Tools

Tweet We’re officially in Q2 of 2015, and it seems like many of us are still wondering where Q1 went! As the year goes on, we often say things to ourselves like, “Things will slow down,” “I’ll have time tomorrow,” or “I just need to get through this crazy week.” Unfortunately, no amount of wishful [...]

5 Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Tweet Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Website | iTunes John Jantsch is known for Duct Tape Marketing, which has books, a consultancy, and podcast attached to it. Their podcast is a great source of practical marketing advice geared towards small businesses. Regardless of how big your business is, we can all benefit from Duct Tape Marketing, [...]

8 of Our Favorite Marketing Books

Tweet Recently we attended both the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education and Confab Higher Ed. We always try to come up with fun things to hand out and give away at conferences, and this year we decided to switch it up by giving away some of our favorite marketing books, some current [...]

What are the best ways to promote a new small business with little to no cost?

Tweet If you’re a small business owner, you don’t have unlimited resources to promote your company, your product or your services. The other day, I started typing “how to promote a sm” into the Google search bar, and the auto-complete immediately showed me several popular searches revolving around the topic of small businesses and how [...]

A perfect example of local marketing going viral

Tweet When talking about successful inbound marketing, all too often people immediately think about national or global companies with big budgets and extensive marketing teams. But that’s not to say that small businesses can’t be tremendously successful with just a bit of creativity. Let’s look at a recent example of how a veterinary hospital in [...]

3 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Tweet Twitter has evolved into an amazing interactive tool for businesses. Although some companies have been skeptical about getting on board, once they delve into the features that Twitter has to offer, they begin to understand that it has significant value. Following leaders in your industry can allow your company to soak up substantial information, [...]

3 Articles That Inspire Social Media Marketing

Tweet This month we’ve been centering our blog posts around social media marketing. That being said, what better reason than to have an article round up covering that exact topic. Each of these articles shed new light on the social media world and hopefully will leave you a little more inspired and a little less [...]

Are You Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Group?

Tweet More than likely your organization has (or at least should already have) a LinkedIn Group in place. Now whether you are actually making the most of this group is the more important question. Here are some quick ways to decipher if your organization is already utilizing the group the WRONG way: Only your Marketing [...]

What Does the New Intern Think About Your Culture?

Tweet My experience on the Spectate team these past few months has been entertaining while at the same time has broadened my spectrum of knowledge. When I first walked into the office, I noticed the tread desk, pinball machine, and razor scooters lined up against the wall. I had heard the working environment was laid [...]

A Day in the Life of a One Person Marketing Department

Tweet If you’re a member of a multi-person marketing team, good for you! Please feel free to read on, and maybe you can give some pointers to marketers who run a one person shop. This post is dedicated to those individuals who are strapped for time and are tasked with running successful web marketing campaigns [...]