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Why You Should Approach Your Landing Pages Like a First Date

Tweet Your organization’s landing pages are likely simple in nature and yet so critical in supplying conversions. I think the fact that landing pages are simpler in nature than say a white paper or RFP, is why many times they’re overlooked in how much thought or energy should be placed into drafting them. Landing pages [...]

Decision fatigue may be keeping your conversion rates low

Tweet You have great content, generate plenty of traffic to your website, and provide several calls to action. Yet, you’re just not seeing the desired conversion rates. Not enough anonymous visitors become leads, and not enough leads become customers. Why? There could be a number of reasons, including: Your customer service or your product are lacking [...]

Feature Friday: Site Search Term Tracking After the “Death of SEO”

Tweet It’s Feature Friday and we just rolled out Site Search Term Tracking: a new feature that helps you analyze what visitors are searching for in the search box on your website. Spectate already reported on which search terms visitors were using to get to your site through organic search on Google, Bing and Yahoo! [...]

Hot or Not: Press Releases

Tweet It’s time for our monthly Hot or Not Series topic, and for the month of October we have chosen to hit on press releases! One of the ever common responsibilities of Marketing and PR departments. We thought this would a great choice since so many organizations no matter the industry, are responsible for releasing [...]

What is the Value of a Guest Blog Post?

Tweet If you’re in the business of content marketing for your company, then you’re probably well-versed in the value of blogging and creating fresh content for your website on an on-going basis. One thing you may have considered is guest blogging in order to help get your name out there. But what is the value [...]

Feature Fridays: Form Notification Email Improvements

Tweet The engineers have been at it again, tweaking and perfecting some of the great features of Spectate. This week, they released some changes to the form notification emails that you receive when someone fills out a Spectate form or landing page. Previously, you would receive an email with a list of the form fields [...]

Subject Lines: The Pick Up Lines of Email Marketing

Tweet How many emails do you think you receive a day outside of those coming from your place of employment? I’m going to guess a lot. Think about your inbox and how many emails arrive daily that you simply delete within seconds of seeing either who sent it or more than likely skimming the subject [...]

What you may not know about marketing automation and content marketing – Part 2

Tweet In part one of our post on things that some people may not have known before jumping into marketing automation and content marketing, we discussed the fact that simply by purchasing a web marketing tool, you don’t drive traffic to your site. We also pointed out that successful inbound marketing is not an easy [...]

What you may not know about marketing automation and content marketing – Part 1

Tweet Until a couple of years ago, we saw a rather fierce and ultimately unnecessary battle between vendors that offered marketing automation tools that primarily focused on outbound channels such as email and companies that declared the death of outbound and delivered products that were 100% geared towards inbound marketing. We’ve always maintained that at [...]

Grab Your Compass, It’s Time to Navigate Your Customer Journeys

Tweet If you’re trying to improve your content strategy, considering using website personalization, or working on your personas, then you should really think about your customer journeys. Customer journeys are crucial to understanding what your potential customers go through before, during and after they buy what you’re selling. These journeys can include all touch points [...]