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How Inbound Marketing is Like the Cool Guy at Every Party

Tweet Okay you know the guy, the guy who just doesn’t seem to have to try. Everyone wants him at their dinner parties or get togethers and it’s because he’s just that cool. He makes everyone laugh and feel important, he makes his presence known without making a big fuss, and he always seems genuine [...]

What is the Value of a Guest Blog Post

Tweet If you’re in the business of content marketing for your company, then you’re probably well-versed in the value of blogging and creating fresh content for your website on an on-going basis. One thing you may have considered is guest blogging in order to help get your name out there. But what is the value [...]

Using Social Media to Increase Blog Subscriptions

Tweet If your organization currently has its own blog, and more than likely it might, you know that one of marketing’s main goals is to increase subscriptions to the blog and by default increase awareness of your site overall (i.e. greater exposure for the company). Now how an organization tackles such a task varies, but [...]

Five things to repeat to yourself when considering a website redesign

Tweet Ah, the idea of a new website, like a shiny new car! Who wouldn’t be excited about it? After much lobbying, you’ve finally secured a budget for a website redesign. Good for you, as this alone is an accomplishment. But if you’re serious about rolling out a successful new site, there are a few [...]

Analytics Beyond Visitors and Page Views

Tweet There is a lot more to analytics than visitors and page views. While monitoring traffic to your website can give you great insights into how much exposure your content is getting, ultimately, you want to dig deeper in order to find ways to make your content as targeted and effective as possible. Let’s examine [...]

8 interview questions to ask to find the right candidate for your marketing team

Tweet If you’re looking to augment your marketing team, you want to make sure that the new addition is a great cultural fit who will live and breathe your company values. You may also look at previous experience, the effectiveness of a person’s cover letter, and the questions that they ask during the interview. But [...]

The 4 Types of Tweets No One Reads

Tweet Twitter efforts for your business’s marketing strategy are not only cost effective but actually good for getting the word out to a large amount of people. There are literally thousands of tweets going out each and every day and therefore supplying your followers with a tweet means having to put some actual thought into [...]

8 Mistakes to avoid when implementing web marketing tools

Tweet So you’ve invested in a marketing automation or web marketing tool for your business. You’ve done your research and are sold on the fact that by using the right toolset, you can free up your marketing team for more strategic tasks and generate more qualified leads at a lower cost. Sounds like a plan. [...]

Don’t Make Boring WhiteBoard Videos

Tweet Many companies offer whiteboard videos as part of their online resource offerings. They can be used to explain a wide array of topics ranging anywhere from a product feature overview or an organization’s return policy for purchases. The style is recognizable but that doesn’t mean it can’t like most things be improved upon. Here [...]

10 Signs You’re Ready to Invest in Content Marketing Software

Tweet Content Marketing Software is a relatively new product category with roots in CRM software, marketing automation, analytics suites, and social media tools. What makes content marketing software so powerful is that it brings together a number of different tools to help you put all the pieces of your content marketing strategy together. So what [...]