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Why Everybody Is A Marketer

Tweet In our post entitled “10 Simple Truths about Inbound Marketing”, we mentioned that marketing is no longer the sole responsibility of your marketing team, but that it can, and should, involve your entire company. That doesn’t mean that everybody needs to drop their current role and start creating infographics or shooting videos. Each individual [...]

5 Marketing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Tweet Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Website | iTunes John Jantsch is known for Duct Tape Marketing, which has books, a consultancy, and podcast attached to it. Their podcast is a great source of practical marketing advice geared towards small businesses. Regardless of how big your business is, we can all benefit from Duct Tape Marketing, [...]

7 Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

Tweet Email marketing is a great means for communicating and developing relationships with your customers. By using email marketing, you drastically reduce the time that it would take to market through both direct mail and telesales. However, email marketing is only beneficial when it’s done well and can be detrimental to your brand if done [...]

Best Way to Land a Client Testimonial

Tweet Client testimonials are some of the most persuasive types of marketing collateral your organization can have. Those looking to make a buying decision will place a lot of weight on the experiences others have had with your product or service. The more kind words, the better. So let’s discuss some of the best ways [...]

Sales cycle considerations for B2C marketers

Tweet In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned that B2B buyers are 60-70% through the sales cycle before they even have the first contact with a sales rep. What this means for marketers is that there’s now increased pressure and responsibility to create targeted and valuable content for all stages of the sales [...]

What to Consider When Creating Personas

Tweet When it comes to marketing, it’s definitely important to understand your buying personas in order to increase your sales. So regardless if your team is sitting down to conduct some interviews or do their own research, here are some areas to focus on when looking to build out your personas. The Basics These are [...]

Who on Your Staff Shouldn’t be on Twitter

Tweet Social media marketing is now a part of everyday marketing life at most organizations. That means you likely have a Twitter account or two associated with your company. Now it’s great to have this tool for interacting with your followers but let’s just make sure when it comes down to it that you don’t [...]

4 Reasons Your Organization’s Instagram Account Makes You More Human

Tweet Some days you don’t need to reach out with more information. There is SO much information being generated and published daily on the internet. And I mean too much. People are bored, and they sort of have a right to be. Everyone is publishing content, and many times it isn’t the most riveting blog [...]

6 ways to improve your Thank You messages

Tweet Whether a lead filled out a form on your site to sign up for a newsletter or to download a white paper or they attended one of your webinars, you always want to make sure to show your gratitude, even if it’s just via a simple thank you message. Let’s look at some of [...]

Happy Holidays from the Spectate Team!

Tweet We wanted to take a moment and wish our clients a joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year! We greatly appreciate your continued support of the Spectate product, and as a staff we look forward to serving your content marketing needs in 2014 ! Happy Holidays!