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Who on Your Staff Shouldn’t be on Twitter

Tweet Social media marketing is now a part of everyday marketing life at most organizations. That means you likely have a Twitter account or two associated with your company. Now it’s great to have this tool for interacting with your followers but let’s just make sure when it comes down to it that you don’t [...]

4 Reasons Your Organization’s Instagram Account Makes You More Human

Tweet Some days you don’t need to reach out with more information. There is SO much information being generated and published daily on the internet. And I mean too much. People are bored, and they sort of have a right to be. Everyone is publishing content, and many times it isn’t the most riveting blog [...]

6 ways to improve your Thank You messages

Tweet Whether a lead filled out a form on your site to sign up for a newsletter or to download a white paper or they attended one of your webinars, you always want to make sure to show your gratitude, even if it’s just via a simple thank you message. Let’s look at some of [...]

Happy Holidays from the Spectate Team!

Tweet We wanted to take a moment and wish our clients a joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year! We greatly appreciate your continued support of the Spectate product, and as a staff we look forward to serving your content marketing needs in 2014 ! Happy Holidays!

Bloggito: The end of “cool” and other conversation stoppers

Tweet We recently talked about the importance of outcaring your competitors, and how active listening is an invaluable component when it comes to showing your prospects and your customers that you are genuinely invested in their needs and in alleviating their pain points. You want to do the best possible job facilitating an ongoing conversation [...]

Inbound marketing – What if everyone’s doing it?

Tweet A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with a business owner. We talked about marketing automation and inbound marketing strategies, and how both have evolved into standard practices for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Out of the blue, he asked a very simple and poignant question. Now that everybody is using [...]

How To Follow Up After A Conference

Tweet This may seem like an unnecessary topic to blog about, but if you are like most, then you know that taking the time to come up with a good system for following up to a conference you’ve attended takes an amount of time and effort that you may not always have. So I have [...]

Outcaring 101

Tweet Remember the Dicky Fox quote from the movie Jerry Maguire, “The key to this business is personal relationships”? It makes sense, but maybe it’s easier said than done. How do you build high quality relationships? By outcaring everyone else. How do you as marketers or sales consultants do that? Let’s look at a few [...]

Brand Humanization- Some Points to Consider

Tweet A topic many writers have highlighted more so in 2013 is that of Brand Humanization. That being said, we have compiled three great articles covering some interesting angles on the concept. Hopefully this will churn up some brainstorming when it comes to how your organization is currently approaching the “human factor”. Article One: Social [...]

Five simple ways to start using gamification in your marketing

Tweet Even though the term “gamification” seems to be mentioned everywhere these days, it deserves mentioning that it’s not a new concept. Gamification can be defined as ways to incorporate game-like principles to non-game activities. The Nike+ GPS App is a perfect example of gamification. The app tracks your runs (including your distance, time, and [...]