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7 tips for developing marketing personas

Tweet In order to empower yourself to be able to produce the highest quality content for your audience and deliver it to them in the most effective manner, it’s imperative that you develop your marketing personas. Those personas as fictitious characters who represent different segments of your target audience. You won’t believe how much easier [...]

Marketing lessons from TMZ tours

Tweet On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I learned about TMZ tours. For those of you not familiar with TMZ – it’s a celebrity news organization, delivering the latest celebrity sightings and gossip to pop culture fans via their website, social media, and a daily TV show. TMZ tours are a service that the [...]

Five things to repeat to yourself when considering a website redesign

Tweet Ah, the idea of a new website, like a shiny new car! Who wouldn’t be excited about it? After much lobbying, you’ve finally secured a budget for a website redesign. Good for you, as this alone is an accomplishment. But if you’re serious about rolling out a successful new site, there are a few [...]

8 interview questions to ask to find the right candidate for your marketing team

Tweet If you’re looking to augment your marketing team, you want to make sure that the new addition is a great cultural fit who will live and breathe your company values. You may also look at previous experience, the effectiveness of a person’s cover letter, and the questions that they ask during the interview. But [...]

8 Tips for tackling analytics

Tweet Monitoring and interpreting your web and social analytics is one of the best things you can do in order to become a more effective marketer and to help you track progress. But it can also be a daunting and often time-consuming undertaking, simply because there’s so much data available. Let’s talk about some tips [...]

8 Mistakes to avoid when implementing web marketing tools

Tweet So you’ve invested in a marketing automation or web marketing tool for your business. You’ve done your research and are sold on the fact that by using the right toolset, you can free up your marketing team for more strategic tasks and generate more qualified leads at a lower cost. Sounds like a plan. [...]

Analytics 101: Setting Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

Tweet When it comes to analytics and the ability to measure how well your marketing efforts are performing, it’s inevitable to look at conversions. A conversion, in a nutshell, is when a visitor or lead followed through with an action that you wanted them to take. This includes, for example, subscribing to your newsletter, watching [...]

The sheer genius of muttbombing

Tweet “This is brilliant!”, I thought immediately when I saw a feature on CNN about muttbombing. Having volunteered with a dog rescue for years, I knew the dilemma all too well: there are too many homeless animals and not enough money for rescue organizations to even consider spending anything on marketing. How Dallas Pets Alive [...]

Feature Friday: Social Post Reuse

Tweet The ability to publish social posts to as many Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as you want has always been been a part of the Spectate features set. What you may not know about is a little extra functionality that we put in place, which is the ability to reuse a social post. When [...]

Four simple things to make your existing content better

Tweet When reading about content marketing, you will inevitably see the phrase “fresh, quality content”, which is understandable as freshness and value are key components of effective marketing. But there’s also a lot you can do to leverage and improve the content that you’ve already created. Here are a few ideas. Add links When you’re [...]