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2015 Content Marketing Reports: B2C versus B2B

Tweet In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the differences between B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. The decision makers, the sales cycle, the decision making process, the driving factors, and the conversion points are all a bit different in B2C compared to B2B. Content Marketing Institute recently published [...]

What Is Authentic Content?

Tweet As a marketer, you strive to provide original and valuable content to your target audience. You may also have heard about the importance of delivering authentic content. Rick Allen of Meet Content recently presented on this topic at the 2014 HighEdWeb conference in Portland, Oregon. He used videos on higher education websites as examples. [...]

Why are people leaving your site?

Tweet Generating traffic to your website is one thing. Keeping your visitors on the site, earning return visits, and converting visitors to leads and eventually to customers is another story. Have you ever wondered why people seem to leave your page after just a few seconds? Or why they only have one pageview? Do you [...]

3 Metrics That Your Executive Leadership Cares About

Tweet There are many data points that your marketing team tracks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Most of those metrics are intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the department and the return on investment for the business. You might use Google Analytics, CRM data, and reports generated by your web marketing tools, [...]

Why Everybody Is A Marketer

Tweet In our post entitled “10 Simple Truths about Inbound Marketing”, we mentioned that marketing is no longer the sole responsibility of your marketing team, but that it can, and should, involve your entire company. That doesn’t mean that everybody needs to drop their current role and start creating infographics or shooting videos. Each individual [...]

4 Metrics To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your B2C Content Marketing Strategy

Tweet What are the metrics that you have in place in order to determine how well your content marketing efforts are paying off? In the past, you may have primarily focused on Google Analytics data such as the number of visitors, bounce rates, and time spent on page. However, as you may have realized, focusing [...]

What makes good content?

Tweet I saw a question posted on a LinkedIn Group focusing on web content for higher education: What makes good web content? It sounds like a simple question, but the truth is that there is no universal answer. Here are some ways to define quality content. It shows that you have a deep understanding of [...]

Stop blogging!

Tweet How many times have you heard phrases like “content is king” or “fresh, quality content for better SEO” or “content marketing is the new black” over the past couple of years? No, I am not proclaiming the death of content marketing, but I will say that you can’t just assume that if you start [...]

9 Ideas To Combat Writer’s Block

Tweet One of the greatest challenges for content marketers is to produce a continuous stream of relevant, helpful, and original content. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve set time aside for writing, but you just don’t seem to be able to come up with a topic? Let’s brainstorm some things to try [...]

How to measure brand awareness

Tweet Brand awareness is arguably one of the hardest things to measure. Since awareness is where the sales funnel begins, though, it’s critical to gain a basic understanding of where you stand. At a minimum, try to be aware of your brand’s overall reach, your impressions, and your engagement levels. Reach defines how many individuals [...]