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Web Analytics: Asking The Right Questions

Tweet Are you in charge of monitoring and reporting on your web analytics? If so, what do you generally include in your reports? What are the types of data that your stakeholders typically request? All too often, analytics reports focus primarily on pageviews and new visitors, which are valid talking points, but don’t always yield [...]

7 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

Tweet Social media is likely an integral component of your content strategy, as it serves an ideal means to promote your content. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Social channels are evolving at a rapid pace, as new apps continue to pop up and algorithms constantly change, making it necessary for marketers to [...]

5 Reasons To Use Polls And Surveys In Your Marketing

Tweet   As you know, we recently rolled out polls and surveys in Spectate. Within just a few minutes, you can create a single question poll or a more extended survey and embed it on your website. Why should you consider adding polls or surveys? Here are a few reasons. Foster engagement A quick poll [...]

Feature Alert: Polls

Tweet We’re excited to announce a new Spectate feature: polls. You can now create simple one question polls or extensive surveys and embed them on your website. Here’s how to do it. In the left menu, expand the “Manage” tab and select “Polls & Surveys”. Click on the “+ Create Survey” link. On the “New [...]

6 Metrics To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Content

Tweet When it comes to agile marketing, the ability to measure the success of your efforts is crucial. You can only manage what you measure, and without data, there’s no way for you to tell what works and what doesn’t. So what are some data points that can provide you with insights into the effectiveness [...]

Four Content Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015

Tweet As we’ve done in past years, we’d like to look back at the content marketing world in the past twelve months and predict what the future will hold in the upcoming year. Not surprisingly, Google brought us a variety of algorithm changes, including the discontinuation of Authorship, updates to Panda and Penguin, and, perhaps [...]

2015 Content Marketing Reports: B2C versus B2B

Tweet In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the differences between B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. The decision makers, the sales cycle, the decision making process, the driving factors, and the conversion points are all a bit different in B2C compared to B2B. Content Marketing Institute recently published [...]

What Is Authentic Content?

Tweet As a marketer, you strive to provide original and valuable content to your target audience. You may also have heard about the importance of delivering authentic content. Rick Allen of Meet Content recently presented on this topic at the 2014 HighEdWeb conference in Portland, Oregon. He used videos on higher education websites as examples. [...]

Why are people leaving your site?

Tweet Generating traffic to your website is one thing. Keeping your visitors on the site, earning return visits, and converting visitors to leads and eventually to customers is another story. Have you ever wondered why people seem to leave your page after just a few seconds? Or why they only have one pageview? Do you [...]

3 Metrics That Your Executive Leadership Cares About

Tweet There are many data points that your marketing team tracks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Most of those metrics are intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the department and the return on investment for the business. You might use Google Analytics, CRM data, and reports generated by your web marketing tools, [...]