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23 Content Types to Jump-Start your Inbound Marketing

Tweet If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Content is the way to make your Inbound Marketing soar. It’s the key, the king, the linchpin that brings it all together and does the work for you. That being said, content looms large before you as this massive mountain of effort you [...]

Let’s head North! Spectate is heading to #HEWeb12!

Tweet Here we come, folks! Spectate’s Centralized Web marketing platform is set to head north this weekend to join in the fun at HighEdWeb in Milwaukee! Joining with Hannon Hill, we will be chit-chatting away the days about all things online marketing over in Booth 1 (YEA. BOOTH 1). We’re pretty excited to be going [...]

Scheduling Marketing Content with an Editorial Calendar

Tweet Over here at Spectate we are big on Content Strategy. We’ve done multiple presentations, blog posts, and a content strategy white paper; it’s critical in our eyes. Once established, your content strategy should guide your content efforts in that it will inform what you should create and how frequently. Taking it a step further, [...]

Spectate’s Recent Outage Explained

Tweet It’s been a busy and trying week over here at Spectate, which manifested itself in a number of outages of both our website and application. We want to take the time to explain what the issues are and why they happened. We are firm believers in the importance of honesty and transparency, so here’s [...]

Webinar Wednesday: Using Forms to your Advantage

Tweet I know you have all been impatiently awaiting the next edition of Spectate’s Webinar Series and GOOD NEWS. YOUR WAIT IS OVER. Our next webinar on online Forms has been scheduled for September 12, next Wednesday! Come 2pm EDT, prepare to learn all there is to know about using Forms on your web pages. [...]

Feature Friday: Adwords Integration inside Spectate!

Tweet Integrating Adwords Conversion Code into your Forms and Landing Pages inside Spectate is a not a new feature for us, but after having a number of questions about it in the past couple weeks, we thought it appropriate to write a Feature Friday Post about it! What is Adwords again? If you use Pay-Per-Click [...]

Why do I need a content strategy plan?

Tweet It is important to remind yourself frequently why you need a content strategy plan because it is very easy to think “Hey! It’s just content. That’s my strategy. I can wing my way through this, right?” WRONG. Here’s why. You wouldn’t drive somewhere new without directions to get there. I mean, thanks to our [...]

Search Engine Optimization’s Periodic Table

Tweet Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is more widely known, is one of the most challenging aspects of inbound marketing. Yes, the concept is fairly simple to understand, it is about ranking in the first position on the first page of an internet (namely, Google) search, but because it can involve a wide [...]

Feature Friday: Social Posts to LinkedIn Groups!

Tweet It may be late in the day now, but it is never too late for a new Feature Friday! This week (well, today, actually) we introduced a new Social Media Connector for LinkedIn! Previously, you could only post from Spectate to your own personal LinkedIn profile, but now you are able to post directly [...]

How to Create your Vanity Google+ URL

Tweet Well, in short, the answer is to wait. Womp Womp. While yes, Google+ announced on August 13, 2012 that users are now able to create their own vanity URL inside of Google Plus (other custom shorteners have been available since last year), the rollout process is not yet complete and the specific timeline [...]