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Not sure you’re ready to manage Spectate on your own?

We partner with various organizations to offer you the best experience available with our inbound marketing software. Our Agency partners combine their own services with an account in Spectate so you can work together to produce the results that you want to see. Our current partners are listed below:
NorthStar Marketing Logo

NorthStar Marketing

A PA Marketing group with extensive services available to assist your Spectate activities: content campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, marketing, branding, public relations, social media, and sales consulting. Our Communications Project Management process includes what you need to make the Spectate platform produce sales leads for you.
Write2Market PR Agency


Write2Market is an Atlanta public relations agency making its reputation by creating recognizable industry leadership for B2B clients, particularly in technology PR, healthcare PR and energy PR. Empowered by our proprietary Triple A industry leadership methodology, we help companies get the national recognition they deserve through measurable successes with traditional and new media. Are you an unrecognized industry leader? See if our approach is right for you at


Spectate’s Agency option that allows existing marketing agencies to manage and easily toggle between client accounts. These agencies manage their own sale, onboarding process, support for their clients, and typically provide some sort of value-added services along with Spectate (consulting, methodology, strategy, analysis, etc). Spectate Agencies receive a discount on their new accounts where the sale and ongoing support is performed by the Agency, not Spectate. We also offer a Referral Program.

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