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Here you will find listings of updates and changes to the Spectate software application, company news, job postings or just the general happenings of us here at Spectate! This is regularly updated page so we will be sure to keep you up to date.


  • NEW FEATURE! A/B Testing for Callouts!: 3/26/2012 — We’ve had the Callouts feature since the beginning, allowing you to easily tie images, text, or code snippets to a trackable link. What is new is that we have now enabled A/B TESTING for your callouts! You may now appropriate multiple images and or landing links to a single callout! Spectate will randomly show your alternatives and give you the impression and click data for each option. It’s a useful tool for optimizing your website! This feature is live now!

  • Pull-up One Success for Caitlin!PULL-UP ONE UPDATE: 12/20/2011 — Success has been achieved!! Yesterday we had our first pull-up one master (at least, for those of us who have all along been shooting for 1…not 15…) Caitlin, our marketer, did one full pull-up!! So you see, doing something small daily, (like for example, SEO…), can, over time, result in something HUGE. like a Pull-Up. :)

  • Party time with Spectate! 12/16/2011 — December ’tis the Season of the Holiday Party and Spectate was no exception. Yesterday we joined Hannon Hill and Pardot for a joyous occasion hosted at the Georgia Aquarium! Most amazing part–we got to wander the empty aquarium dressed to the nines–so amazing. If you’ve never been you MUST include a visit while you are in town. See images below. If you wondering the relevance of any holiday party to the work we do here at Spectate, read me.

    2011 Holiday Party Collage - Spectate at the Aquarium

  • HOLIDAY UPDATE: 12/7/2011 — With the December holiday season rolling in upon us (though it’s still 70 degrees down here in Atlanta…), we want to assure that even during this busy time we will still be working for you. Even with employee vacations and such, a support staffer will still be available during our regularly scheduled business hours to assist you in any way. So rest assured you holiday season with Spectate will run smoothly!

  • OUTLOOK FOR 2012 12/1/2011 — It’s the first day of December, so it’s time to look back at what the year has brought, but also what the next year will bring! We are hard at work here at Spectate endeavoring to bring you enhanced functionality of existing features and also new modules within the Application!! Stay tuned for 2012 when we will debut the fruits of our labors!!

  • PULL-UP ONE 11/16/2011 — The developers here at Spectate have a large room all to themselves to sit in and do snazzy coding things. This week they have decided to install a barrier to entry, so to speak, a pull-up bar on their door frame, so that in order to enter and see them face to face you must first do (or attempt!) a PULL-UP. I don’t know about you, but the last time I attempted a pull-up was by force when I was a rower in High school and before that, well, let’s just say I wore big bows in my hair and smocked dresses. As such, we have started a daily stand-up in our office called “PULL-UP ONE”, a training effort designed to enable everyone in our office to do at least a single pull-up. Now, most of our men can do at least one and of them we are already proud, but for the rest of us, this is now a right of passage (both literally and figuratively) and we shall let you know when the fruit of our efforts have paid off.

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