About Us

Spectate is a new kind of marketing for a new kind of marketer. Spectate makes content marketing easy by focusing on what matters: results.

Our Story
As a software development company we’re very proud of our products and our culture. Our marketing team does a great job maintaining our website and interpreting our web analytics. However, we realized a while ago that we had a problem that we needed to solve: We didn’t quite understand the correlation between our web content and our traffic. As a result, we had no idea of the value of specific content. What we needed was a marketing tool that would allow us to focus on results. That’s how Spectate was born.

Since we built a product that works for us, it can help you as well.

Our Values
We want Spectate to be valuable to you. That’s why we don’t lock you in with long-term contracts. We’re confident that you’ll be able to use our product to reach your web marketing goals and to become a smarter marketer in the process. If you don’t get value from our product, you shouldn’t have to keep paying for it.

We care about user experience. That’s why we strive for simplicity and ease of use and why we communicate in human terms. That’s also why we go out of our way to provide great customer service on all levels, from engineering to sales and from support to services.

Our Marketing Process
Much like our development process, we subscribe to a very simple, agile marketing approach: inspect and adapt. We believe that we can develop a better product if we create features quickly, see what works and doesn’t work, and adjust as needed. Product requirements evolve so quickly these days that solutions must evolve in the same manner.

This iterative software development methodology is mirrored in the way Spectate approaches web marketing. Spectate is designed to let you act on suggestions quickly and to help you understand what works and what doesn’t for your particular business. That way, you can remain agile and continue to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize your desired results.

Our Sales Approach
Spectate is predicated upon content marketing, and it’s no secret that we highly recommend it as an integral part of a sales and marketing strategy. We also believe that to achieve maximum success, marketers must also couple their inbound marketing efforts with outbound marketing.  Both strategies have their place within an organization’s marketing strategy, and both will continue to be effective depending on the campaign or goal in mind.

We train our Sales Executives to take a realistic approach to the sales process.  We’re looking for clients that are going to benefit from using Spectate and see results, not just anyone we can squeeze in the door. This may seem simple, but here’s our thinking and why this is so important to us.

If you’re using Spectate and it doesn’t meet your needs, you’re losing time and money, both of which are things that Spectate is designed to help you maximize.  If you’re losing time and money, chances are small that you’ll refer us business and speak well of us to others.

We want to be able to use our churn rate (the proportion of customers who leave Spectate each year) to our marketing advantage.  If we can’t tell people that Spectate has a great churn rate, clients and future prospects aren’t going to be confident in the product.

Lastly, we strive for a company culture that values ethics and believes in conducting good business.  Get started with a Test Drive or check out a demo when you’re ready.  We look forward to helping you become a better marketer!

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