3 Articles That Inspire Social Media Marketing

This month we’ve been centering our blog posts around social media marketing. That being said, what better reason than to have an article round up covering that exact topic. Each of these articles shed new light on the social media world and hopefully will leave you a little more inspired and a little less burnt out!

ARTICLE ONE: 3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest
Author: Mitt Ray (Who you can follow on Twitter @MittRay)
This is a great article for those looking to spruce up their Pinterest efforts and increase customer engagement levels on the site. The suggestions are useful but more importantly are creative in nature.

ARTICLE TWO: 3 Hashtag Tools That Will Greatly Improve Your Social Media Exposure
Author: Janet Johnson
This article is quite informative as it brings to light some different tools which are available to marketers looking to increase their exposure through the use of the hashtag. Some of these you may not know about but after reading the article will glad you do now.

ARTICLE THREE: 5 Social Media Tactics to Increase ROI
Author: Adam Popescu
This article aims to provide tactics that will increase the ROI on your social media efforts. Social media marketing is growing and that at times can be difficult to measure in regards to returns. Hopefully these tips help you end up with a better measurement.


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