Hot or Not: Calls To Action

Our monthly Hot or Not Series continues this July with the focus turning to how you set up those calls to action! Read below and find out if your practices are falling under what’s hot or not.

HOT: Using a color that contrasts to the main colors of your site
NOT: Letting your supposed call to action blend right in with its surroundings

HOT: Using A/B testing to see which colors or verbiage drive more clicks and more conversion
NOT: Not following up on your A/B testing to actually optimize your callouts after you put them in place

HOT: Using provocative language to get more clicks
NOT: Over-promising and under-delivering

HOT: Sprinkling appropriate callouts throughout your web content to create leads
NOT: Making your website look like an old school myspace page with obnoxious ads all over the place

HOT: Being clear on the next step
NOT: Confusing your visitors with too many choices

Holly is the Marketing Manager for for Spectate. She is a lover of board games, pilates, historical fiction and pretending to be Julie Child in the kitchen.

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