How to Create your Vanity Google+ URL

Google Plus IconWell, in short, the answer is to wait. Womp Womp.

While yes, Google+ announced on August 13, 2012 that users are now able to create their own vanity URL inside of Google Plus (other custom shorteners have been available since last year), the rollout process is not yet complete and the specific timeline is unclear. Rest assured, we will update this post once it is available everywhere!

In the meantime, here is what will happen so you can be prepared.

Google+ is allowing you to replace your long and tedious current Google+ link like this one, which takes you to Spectate’s Google+ page, with a short name or company. This means that you can more easily use your Google+ page for your business. With its certain SEO benefits for Google Search, have a simpler URL you can more easily share and promote will be a very good thing! Most folks have been waiting for this since even before Business and Product pages were introduced last Fall.

Your Page needs to be a verified page before Google will offer you the opportunity to create a URL. In order to create a verification request, you need to have the following things in place, as Google states:

  • Your Google+ page must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.
  • Your Google+ page’s profile must contain a link to your organization’s website.
  • Your organization’s website must connect to your Google+ page, by adding the Google+ badge or by adding a snippet of code.
  • A meaningful number of people must have added your Google+ page to their circles.

So while the timeline is still a little fuzzy on when exactly this may reach you personally, know that it’s on its way. Google has indicated they will continue to post updates alongside this announcement post from Saurabh Sharma and on the Twitter hashtag #googleplusupdate.



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