Webinar Wednesday!: Agile Marketing

You’ve heard of Inbound Marketing (surely, as you’re reading this blog!). And you’ve heard of Content Marketing, the newest iteration of Inbound. Have you heard of “Agile” Marketing yet?

Being agile is the new name of the game, especially where it concerns your Inbound or Content efforts. Agility means being able to modify your content easily and effectively based on measurable data your marketing produces. Without agility, marketers do not adapt to changing web conditions or new information, and it is these changes that help you to continue to be successful amidst a constantly changing internet landscape. Tips, tricks, and techniques will be offered in this webinar to get you well on your way toward a more measurable and agile marketing strategy.

Join us Wednesday, May 2 at 2pm EDT for this Agile Marketing webinar, taught by Hannon Hill’s CEO Kat Liendgens. Kat is an admitted Agile Master who believes strongly in the merits of scrumming, creativity, and having lots and lots of data!

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