SoPo Spread: Top Inbound Marketing Tips 5/14

SoPo SpreadDid everyone have a happy Mother’s Day? Our top inbound marketing tips this past week hit some real highlights, especially if you’re a user of WordPress. Be sure to check these out:

1. SEOMoz – Are you setting up WordPress for SEO success?

For us WordPress users, it is valuable to know if your site will drive the search engine traffic we all always want. This article has a good overview of what you want to be doing and how to evaluate your efforts.

2. The Next Web – Autopost images from WordPress to Pinterest with this handy plugin

It may not be completely available yet (it’s in private beta), but once it’s released, if you’re a business that uses WordPress and Pinterest, this could be a good one for you! The analytics it can give you are the coolest part, I think.

3. Bing /Search Engine Land – The New Bing

If it wasn’t before, it’s really a social search engine now! On Thursday Bing announced a massive revamp of their search results, which now include a considerable amount of information based on social cues.

4. – Why Small Business has a Huge Advantage over Brands in Social Media

Power to the little guy! This is a great article which can help explain to you why SMBs can leverage social media networks more easily than big brands.

5. Marketing Sherpas – Marketing Research Chart: Inbound Lead Sources are More Important to Marketers

New Research from Marketing Sherpas shows that the most preferred sources for sales leads are changing with inbound methods topping the list. Most preferred: those coming from organic search via good site SEO! Click in to see the whole list.

Have a good week!



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