Email Design and Sending: How does it work?

We all send email everyday. Email newsletters and updates are a lifeline for most organizations and the design of those emails is a big part of how they work. Emails can render differently across various email client viewers and it can be valuable to know the reasons why.

The folks at Litmus created this infographic to help you out. Creating an email to send is a multi-step process, starting with what type of email you wish to send: HTML or Plain-text. If you choose the HTML route, the visual aspects of the email will come into play. The email design can impact the type of response rate you receive from your email’s audience.

But how does email send? Why do some emails hit Spam Filters, but others sail through? And why did that email you spent so much time designing show up all willy-nilly on that person’s email viewer? This is where this infographic really sings. If you haven’t understood these details in the past, take a look below.

Email Design and Sending Infographic


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