Content Marketing Trends of 2012 and Beyond

As we had pointed out at the end of last year, 2012 had been predicted to be “the year of content”. Even though it’s only May, I think it’s safe to say that this prediction has already proven itself to be true. Just look at the number of blog posts, infographics, and tweets about content marketing and content strategy. For us  inbound marketers it has been great to see the increased emphasis on quality. Let’s spend a few minutes discussing some additional trends with regard to content marketing.

  • Changing the SEO game. When Google changed their algorithm last fall, we saw a clear indication that SEO strategies would have to change. With the increased emphasis on the freshness of content and the engagement factor, great writers will become a hot commodity. There will be a little less focus on the more technical (HTML-based) aspects of SEO. Instead, the idea will be, as someone recently put it very eloquently, to treat Google like a person. Publishing compelling content on a regular basis will be the best thing you can do for SEO.
  • APV is in. Those of you who are regular readers of our blog are familiar with our APV philosophy. Always Provide Value. What does that mean? Whether you’re writing a blog post, hosting a webinar, working on a white paper, engaging in an online discussion or interacting with your customers and prospects via social media, always keep the best interest of your audience in mind and strive to deliver something that benefits them.
  • Content empowerment. As the importance of fresh, valuable content continues to accelerate, it will become increasingly crucial to provide your contributors with the data they need in order to write even more effective and more targeted content. As a result, marketing tools that deliver analytics data in a way that makes sense to non-technical people will experience a surge in popularity.
  • Infographics galore. Over the past couple of years, infographics have evolved from a luxury that only large companies could afford into a viable and feasible content marketing vehicle. I would not be surprised if existing companies and start-ups alike took advantage of this opportunity and developed tools to develop infographics on the fly.
  • Content syndication and curation. To capitalize on the engagement and freshness factors, more marketers have started to explore different ways to syndicate and curate content. And it doesn’t stop with your own content. Tools like Scribit which automatically aggregate posts that are relevant to your business and let you publish them on your website could prove to be beneficial in those efforts.

The year of content has been really exciting so far, and I can’t wait to see the new tools and trends that will emerge. Anything I may have missed? What are your marketing predictions for 2012 and beyond?

Kat is the CEO of Spectate. Her goal is to empower users to create and manage their web content and to provide them with the tools to become even better content marketers. Connect with Kat on Google+!

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  1. Justyn Hornor May 9, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    I completely agree on all points (which is a rare thing :)

    As a creative firm ourselves, we’ve learned that not only is it critical that we are at the top of our game when it comes to writing; but that we also provide the extra value of the HTML/technical side of SEO, the graphics, and the data.

    Writing quality content is only about 50% of what we do for each and every piece we develop these days.