SoPo Spread: Top Inbound Marketing Posts 4/13

SoPo SpreadWell, today is a big day. It is Thomas Jefferson’s 269th birthday and mighty celebrations are in order. This particular founding father, one could say, was a mighty marketer. It was his words that incited the population toward independence with the Declaration and his design plans for the Virginia State Capitol are the source for our classically styled government buildings today! You could say he built the government’s “brand” with his own hands. Think about it: When you try to picture “Government” in your head, you see columns and strong stone buildings, all thanks to TJ.

What better way to do that than to explore the ways we’ve found to help you build your own brand! Our top marketing posts from this week:

1. Marketing Profs – Four Ways to Improve the Lead to Sales Handoff  
The classic concern always exists for how to handle and optimize the handoff of a marketing lead to your sales team. These four tips provide good advice!

2. American Express OPEN Forum – Why Website Tracking Tools Matter 
A valuable read that reinforces the importance and utility of certain metrics for your website.

3. Copyblogger – The Secret to Landing Pages that Sell  
It’s always useful to learn new ways to enhance your landing pages. The key is in this article: knowing your “unique star” and its support system.

4. Portent – GIFs, JPGs, and PNGs, Oh My!  
As online marketers we work with images all the time. Thus, we should know the difference in all of the image types and when to use each! Get a refresher here.

5. Search Engine Journal – 25 Ways to Decrease Your Rankings 
We all look at SEO with an eye toward ways to increase our rankings, but this article looks at it the other way: which tactics will make your rankings decrease. It’s a good reversal with good insight.

Happy weekend! Go celebrate TJ!



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