SoPo Spread: Top Inbound Marketing Posts 4/20

SoPo SpreadWe all use images, Google, and social networking for our marketing efforts. Subsequently, our top social posts this week covered these relevant topics! Read on to see what topped our inbound marketing metrics this week.

1. Mashable – Tips for Effective Social Media Contests  
If we don’t already run them, we aspire to them. Learn some popular tips in this article for how to run your own social media network contests.

2. Content Marketing Institute – 7 Ways to use Photographs to Support Content Marketing  
Photographs are the second most popular form of content utilized by marketers (second to words!), thus knowing some unique ways to use them in your efforts always makes for a worthwhile look!

3. Follow the UX Leader – Personas: A Critical Investment for Content Strategy  
Explained in detail, knowing the types of people and their interests that visit your website is imperative to the success of your content.

4. Marketing Tech Blog – Infographic: Split Testing Ad Design Ideas  
Infographics are always useful, aren’t they? This one gives some great ideas (visually!) for how to split test your ad or callout design. We all need new ideas! Give this one a look!

5. The Content Strategist – Best Practices for using Stock Photos when Blogging  
Like the other article linked above, photographs are a huge draw to your content and stock photos are often where we go to find an image to make our blog posts visually interesting. There is an etiquette to using them—read on to find out what that is.

Happy weekend. Can you believe we’re almost to MAY?!



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