Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Inbound Marketers

We all know some of the most important characteristics of good marketers. They’re creative, they communicate effectively, and they think outside the box. Those are traits that you would expect inbound marketers to have as well. But there’s more to it. Being a great inbound marketer is not just about who you are, but also about what you do. This is good news, because it means that you can learn how to be more effective in your inbound strategies. Here’s a list of what I consider the top seven habits of highly effective inbound marketers:

  • They listen. In order to drive traffic to your site, and, more importantly, to foster visitor loyalty, you have to understand your target audience. What are the problems that they’re trying to solve? What do they think about your brand, your product, or your services? Effective inbound marketers keep their eyes and ears on social media conversations and other online discussions, including their competitors’ sites, blogs, and videos.
  • They try new things. Inbound marketers know that freshness and originality are key components of an effective content strategy. Therefore, they’re not afraid to try new types of content delivery, to tackle an unconventional topic, or to surprise their audience with a special promotion.
  • They share. Effective inbound marketers never underestimate the importance of sharing. They make their content shareable (and share-worthy), and freely share other people’s content if it’s relevant, interesting, or helpful. Of course, they always give credit where credit is due.
  • They provide value. While a marketer’s goal is to generate leads for sales, great inbound marketers understand that in order to attract high quality leads, you can’t rely on a snazzy web design, a catchy blog post title or a steady stream of social posts alone. If you don’t provide value to your audience, you won’t be able to truly leverage the power of inbound marketing. White papers, webinars, videos, and blog posts need to be more than a sales pitch. They need to solve a problem, provide a thought-provoking perspective, entertain, give advice or educate.
  • They engage. Gone are the days in which web marketing only involved having a web site and hoping that your visitors fill out a form. This is the age of social engagement, when your audience does not just enjoy interacting with you, but they expect it. Effective inbound marketers encourage engagement. They ask questions and solicit feedback. They monitor comments on their company’s website very closely and always respond in a respectful and non-defensive manner, even when faced with negativity.
  • They measure. In order to provide the best possible content to your target audience, to optimally drive traffic to your site, and to make your web marketing campaigns as effective as possible, you need to be able to correlate your efforts with your results. Therefore, tracking and measuring as much as you can is essential.  Effective inbound marketers monitor social analytics, web analytics, search terms, ROI calculations, and conversion rates on a daily basis. They particularly focus on data that provides specific action items.
  • They adapt. The most effective inbound marketers value agility and constantly strive to optimize their strategy. Through tracking and measuring, they identify what works and what doesn’t work, which then immediately results in adjustments. Great inbound marketers always have a plan, but they are nimble enough to change course. They’re not afraid of the constantly and rapidly changing nature of the marketing world, but they embrace it.

What does your list look like? What are the most important habits of great inbound marketers?

Kat is the CEO of Spectate. Her goal is to empower users to create and manage their web content and to provide them with the tools to become even better content marketers. Connect with Kat on Google+!

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