SoPo Spread: Top Inbound Marketing Posts 3/30

SoPo SpreadThese inbound marketing posts were shared far and wide this week. Get in on the action and make sure you’re in the know!

1. Convince and Convert – Content Marketing for Professional Services: Does it Cannibalize your Business?  
When you work in a service industry, does blogging take away some of your potential business? A great discussion by two industry leaders in the blogging world.

2. – Content Marketing: Next Big Buzz  
A discussion of content marketing basics and where it fits in the marketing spectrum. If you are looking for an overview or background information on this movement, this one is for you!

3. – Five Ways to Optimize Videos for Search Engines  
SEO is BIG in the internet world and getting the know how for optimizing various piece of content is important! Read this article to get the low-down on how to optimize video clips and where to locate them to have the most impact.

4. TopRank Online Marketing Blog – Top Problems with Landing Pages and How to Improve your Conversion Rates  
If you are using Landing Pages (and you should be!) check out this one for some solid tips and advice for making them better across the board.

5. Forbes – The Wide Divide between Brands and Consumers in Social Media  
Great Data of what consumers are looking for in brands that use social media – and the findings can easily inform your activities online.



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