SoPo Spread: Top Inbound Marketing Posts 3/23

SoPo SpreadThis week was full of articles and tips for how to add new things to your inbound marketing wheelhouse. Get started with webinars, aid your workflows in WordPress with new administrative plug-ins, or get started blogging or content strategy! Spring has sprung so celebrate nature’s new life by injecting some new life into your efforts!

1. Smashing Magazine – Useful Free Admin Plugins for WordPress  
Provided here are a series of plugins for WordPress to help people with their admin activities like including notes to other staff, calendars, revision tracking and dashboard tweaks.

2. Social Media B2B – Charting the B2B Social Media Lead Generation Process  
Jeffrey Cohen offers a graphic illustrating how Social Media factors into the entire B2B sales funnel. It’s a really useful overview of how lead generation works!

3. MarketingSherpas – Overall Content Marketing Strategy Leads to 2,000% Lift in Blog Traffic, 40% Rise in Revenue  
Check out this real world example—with a list of their action items!—of how Distribion, a Distributed Marketing Group, grew their business using a coherent content strategy that employed inbound techniques.

4. TopRank – The Value of Small Business Blogging: 3 Key Questions and Answers  
Cover the basics of why blogging is valuable to small business. Get inspired!

5. American Express OPEN Forum – How to Boost Business with Webinars  
Get started with your own webinars with these good tips.

Have a great weekend!



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