…And that’s how you make Friends online.

There really are some blogs out there that are a joy to read. Ever read the Bloggess? You can hear this Texas housewife’s voice and sarcasm based on the way she writes. What about AJ Kohn at Blind Five Year Old? He’s an SEO blogger that, based on his blog and photos I can also hear in my head. Seth Godin? Straight-shooter that he is, I think we’d get along, too.

Photo of me

This is me. Along with my writing style, this photo should make you want to be my friend!

What I like about bloggers like this is that the way they write lends itself to listening and trusting them as a friend. These are larger than life entities (let’s be honest) who have serious followings and fans worldwide; but still, it makes them seem more real than just some anonymous corporate creature.

So this got me thinking. What is it about these people that I like so much? Well, it all comes down to this: Writing Style. I’m not sure too much emphasis can be put on the way you write the content that you give to the world in the name of inbound efforts. Sure it’s about keywords and value (ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE!), but it’s also about making people want to read your stuff regularly—therefore, you owe it to your readers, both extant and future, to make your stuff worthwhile to read!!

I follow about a gazillion (technical term) blogs these days. Google Reader is the greatest thing since sliced bread in my book. Every morning however, I get into work and have approximately 350 new posts from myriad sources to wade through. 350 POSTS…and on Monday’s it’s more. I’m sure you other marketers out there who curate content for your sites completely understand.

When I take a step back and look at the pattern through which I actually read the posts and not just skim them, I notice that I look at more frequently (and look forward to!) those blogs that have a certain style. These bloggers aren’t just teachers or heralds of my own interests, they are basically my comrades in arms! Have I met them? No? Am I likely to? Possibly at some amazing conference, but probably not. But if I ever did, I know I’d find in them a kindred spirit whose company I would enjoy—and, we’d have a lot to talk about. And if you work in a B2B company, that doesn’t mean the text and voice of your blog (or even your website) has to be stodgy and bland! It’s quite the opposite I think. Strive to create something unique and worth reading, something with a touch of whimsy that reinforces that you do believe what you do. Never underestimate the entertainment factor in the marketer’s line of work.

So take some time today and look at your own blogging efforts (if you have a blog and we hope you do!) and verify that your voice shines through in your efforts.


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