12 Days of Blogging – Day 5: Why is Content King!?

As we round out 2011, we here at Spectate would like to offer you a Christmas Carol, “The 12 Days of Blogging”. Each day we will bring you one of our favorite posts from the past year. Sing along with us each day!

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Why is Content King?!

“Content is king.”  If you’re a marketer, it’s more than likely you’ve already heard this oft-repeated watchword, possibly ad nauseum. If you’re one of the few who has never encountered this phrase, you might want to seriously consider displaying it prominently on your fridge or perhaps even tattooing it on your knuckles so you can see it when you’re typing, because content is ultimately the most important aspect of web marketing.  The idea is that web marketers must consistently create new content that is both relevant and valuable in order to drive up website traffic and readership.

So who died and made content king? Publishing fresh content frequently and on a regular basis is certainly not the only thing that you need to do to increase your site’s visibility — you need vehicles to actually drive traffic to that content, among other things — but it’s without a doubt the most significant and crucial piece of the puzzle. Contemporary audiences demand quality content that brings them demonstrable value; otherwise, why would they bother wasting their time on your site? All other factors are subservient to King Content, because nothing else really matters if you don’t have great content.

Here are some examples that illustrate why publishing original content on a frequent basis is so important:

  • Web : fresh content :: TV : new programs. With the exception of old Seinfeld episodes, everybody pretty much hates reruns. Who wants to waste time watching something you’ve already seen before? Whether it’s catching the latest episode of your favorite series, tuning into the nightly news, or watching a sporting event in real time, what holds true for TV audiences also applies to your site’s visitors. When your site shows me a bunch of content reruns, I’m going to change the channel and find something better to watch. If you’re not offering me something new, exciting, relevant, or interesting, why should I tune in to your site on a weekly or daily basis? If your company’s website consistently fails to offer anything of interest, you run the very real risk of alienating a substantial proportion of potential traffic to your site.
  • Social media efforts are fruitless without fresh content. As businesses, we typically use social media to interact with our community and, ultimately, to drive visitors to our company website.  When those visitors arrive and start looking around, it will quickly become obvious whether there’s anything of value on your site, which will in turn determine whether those visitors will stay on our site or come back again later. It’s important that your site has a lot of valuable content, including some that showcases your company’s offerings. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if nobody’s reading it, so don’t neglect your social media efforts, as they are key to driving traffic to your site. If content is king, then I’d say that social interaction is its queen.
  • Use content to establish thought leadership. As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, creating fresh content can help establish you as an expert in your field or your organization as an industry thought leader.  Taking a thought leadership role can drive traffic to your site simply because people will want to hear more of what you have to say on a certain topic, and it can also improve your company’s image and credibility.
  • Think of it as free marketing. Once upon a time, marketers had to send out clunky, expensive mailers or get our name in the newspaper to spread the word about our company. Now we can publish whatever we want, whenever we want, usually for free. White papers are valuable marketing collateral that people might randomly stumble across before they even know about your company and its awesome offerings — how cool is that?
  • Google gives priority to fresh content. Google’s search algorithm analyzes a website’s content, assigning a lot of weight to fresh, updated content. Sites that publish original content frequently consistently come out on top of search results and page ranks.
  • Bill Gates said so. Among a few other notable accomplishments, Mr. Gates coined the phrase “Content is king.”  Visit this blog to read the original article from 1996.

Although creating fresh, quality content forms the foundation of web marketing, there are many other critically important elements of web marketing.  What are some of these?  Why are they so important?


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