GGM: Google+ … Another Social Media Network? Really?

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You’ve certainly heard about them by now (otherwise you probably live under a rock) and they’ve been all the rage in marketing from the past two weeks, so it’s finally time to talk Google+.  Let’s be frank here: the jury is still out on whether or not they will be useful and whether or not they will last, but one thing is for sure, people are all about talking about them right now.  As such, I’ll be doing something a little different today.  I will offer you my favorite articles/commmentaries on Google+, its rollout for Pages (which is ALL that happened on November 7: it is now possible for a company to post a page about themselves or a product as opposed to only a person’s individual page because this tool has actually been out there for MONTHS), and what’s happened since then.


The announcement:

Because you always want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.


The cool/useful parts:

Certainly the Hangouts feature.  Isn’t it cool to have a place already set up and inherently social to host chats or even demos? Sure, you can’t multitask your way through one of these as someone else can see you, but Hangouts are still useful for that little extra something to add to your sales team.  Plus, since you can share Google Docs and your computer screen, it is that much better.


The setup:

Best new tool I’ve heard of: because they help you split up and optimize a long image into a series of images for your G+ banner.  Very cool.


The Comparison:

This one is visual, a side-by-side comparison of Facebook Fan Pages to early Google+ Company pages.  See what you think.


The recent news:

You can use the plus-1 for images now!:


The talk:

And boy have people been talking. One of my favorite articles is this one because it actually says something interesting.  Here’s a quote commenting on all the talk that’s been surrounding the recent rollout: “It’s like calling a baby ugly as soon as it’s been born without giving the poor kid a chance to clean up a bit.” Well said.


This missteps:

Brandjacking” has already occurred; sorry Bank of America.

Google+ Photos were announced and then renigged.  Bummer. APIs aren’t even out yet to developers.

Multiple Admins: currently, though the terms of use suggest something to the contrary, it is not possible to have multiple admin for a Google+ Business or Product Page.  Double Bummer (and, I’m sorry to admit, explains why Spectate’s own G+ page leaves something to be desired at this point).


There you have it–and believe me when I say that this is not nearly the extent of what’s out there.  Do you have any favorite articles you would like to share?  And another question for you in the comments: do you see a Google+ connector as a priority for sites who offer social media connectors?




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